Neuro-oncology Campaign

Campaign across multiple platforms.


Capital Health decided to spotlight its neuro-oncology program and were seeking a sophisticated approach that highlights compassionate care for patients with brain and spinal tumors. 

The Neuro-oncology advertising was primarily an awareness campaign and included print ads, :30 radio spot, billboards, local train station visuals, and paid search influencing the target audience.

We developed a black and white lifestyle approach that connected the expertise of the neuro-onoclogy center to the target audience. Custom photography with Steve Belkowitz allowed us to achieve a unique comforting visual approach. As an awareness campaign, it was important for the simplicity of the visuals to allow the branding and color palette to emerge. 

Art Direction
Lead Design

Bradley Gast - Executive Creative Direction
Joanne de Menna - Strategy
Justin Moll - Creative Direction
Kevin Couch - Creative Direction
TJ Carricato - Copywriter
Steve Belkowitz - Photography